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who we are

At Orangeone, we understand that realizing innovation is more important for business than ever before. Innovation has been the key to our success in evolving the right-fit technology solutions to our client companies. In addition to continuing with the ongoing development of your existing technologies/products and systems, we enable our clients to adopt innovative solutions that are fully scalable.

Our capability to innovate has taken us to undertake higher levels of commitment. Starting with custom application design and development, we have moved towards projects that involve greater project expertise and technology maturity such as product development, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Mobile Apps and Enterprise applications.

In response to the technology demands of diverse industry verticals, we deliver value-driven, affordable and end-to-end consulting, technology and outsourcing services. Our technology portfolio and offer of IT services is based on measuring each client's needs and expectations.

Our sole objective is to keep our clients competitive and one-step ahead of their competitors We bring to each client engagement our innovative competency that is built on our expertise in robust technologies such as Oracle Apps, SAP solutions, JAVA, .NET and Mobile Apps. by collaborating with Orangeone businesses can script complete project success, and drive value that is phenomenal, resounding and visible.